Karin Herzog Egyptian Earth Moonlight (White) Powder 40 ml

$90.18 $94.99

Available in 4 colours
Ideal alternative to foundations
Marvellously natural
Lets the skin breathe and gives a healthy look

Available in 4 colours, Egyptian Earth is a discreet, natural make-up providing an optimised alternative to all types of foundation.

This make-up which was used in Ancient Egypt as a protection against the harsh rays of the sun, produces a very natural, clear and velvety complexion whilst allowing the skin to breath.

Even inclement weather or sports do not alter the staying power of this make-up which lasts throughout the day without running into the creases of the skin.

The make-up is available in four colours:
HATOR: standard dark (Code : khr015)
ISIS: standard fair (Code : khr016)
MAGIC FAIR: a little lighter than Isis (Code : khr017)
MAGIC MOONLIGHT: very fair (particularly suited to Oriental complexions) (Code : khr018)

With the lid on, turn the pot upside down and shake gently in order that a little Earth spills onto the sifter. Open and tap the brush on the sifter; shake so that a fine particle of power remains on the brush. Brush all over the face including the ears and neck for a beautiful even effect.

Ingredients :
Talc Kaolin Brown Pigment Natural dark Nr 5-063459 Mica Titanium