Karin Herzog After Shave Cream 50 ml

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After Shave

Fresh, tonic, moisturising, anti-wrinkle and fighting again the hair growing under the skin, this after-shaving cream benefits of the
latest cosmetic researches. Skin care is not just for women! "After Shave" by Karin Herzog is certainly the only aftershave in the world to
benefit from two patents and guarantees healthy, soft skin after shaving with excellent hydration. It prevents the common problem
of hair regrow beneath the skin.

"After Shave" also has a beneficial action in the case of scarring resulting from tiny shaving nicks, as it
has a mild antiseptic effect. Without being overpowering, "After Shave" has a light fragrance which leaves a pleasant fresh skin.

Recommended use : Apply a thin layer of cream after shaving and spread without massaging excessively into the skin.