Karin Herzog Chocolate Face Cream (Oxygen Free) 50 ml

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Chocolate! (Oxygen free)

The ultimate comfort cream, the cacao theobromine provides the skin with softness, comfort and elasticity as well as a natural
scent: to be consumed… without moderation! Do you like chocolate? Now you can consume as much as you like, and still stay light!

The formula of Karin Herzog’s “Chocolate!” soothing cream has been specially developed for the skin cells with raw materials of edible
quality identical to nature, which can also be applied to the lips to give them an incomparably sensual feel.

Chocolate gives this cream its rich smoothness, its nutritional elements and its positive values, for a morale that is set fair, with no guilty conscience! Orange essential oil, avocado oil and wheat germ oil are added to the chocolate to give the necessary softness for the skin, as well as elasticity and
optimum comfort.

The perfect combination for this Karin Herzog’s “Chocolate!” cosmetic cream that will leave your skin soft, beautiful… in short, you will be good enough to eat!

Recommended use : Alone or on the top of "Choco2" cream, apply a knob of "Chocolate!" cream
on the whole face, without to forget the lips!