Karin Herzog Facial Tonic Fresh Rose 100 ml

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Rose water to soothe, sesame oil to soften and water to moisturize.

This rose lotion is ideal for a first "beauty gesture" in the morning or as a final touch to make-up removal.

Aqua (water) – Hydrate, support for other ingredients
Rosa Centifolia Flower water – Hundred-leaf rose flower water soothes redness, cleanses your skin, restores radiance and leaves it as soft as that of a baby.
Sesamum indicum seed oil – Sesame seed oil softens and softens the skin.
Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate – It allows a better mixture of materials in the cosmetic product to be obtained.
Imidazolidinyl Urea – Is used in cosmetics as a preservative.

Made with 97,6 % of natural ingredients, Fresh Rose is an answer to a request of our faith and estimated customers around the world.
This fresh face lotion yet nourishing, let the skin smooth and very hydrated, supple and comfortable.