Karin Herzog Facial Tonic Lotion 200 ml

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Tonic Lotion

Fresh, tonic and slightly antiseptic, this high quality lotion refreshes the skin and dissolves any calcium film on the surface. This ultrarefreshing
lotion is composed of unscented floral waters, to avoid any risk of allergies.

Produced with the purest waters, it also contains 3% alcohol, which is essential to preserve this significant quantity of water without adding chemical preservative agents.

This percentage of alcohol does not dry the skin and has 2 useful effects: it dissolves chalky, which can become deposited in the pores if you have
very hard water at home, and it soothes irritation, thanks to its antiseptic action.

Recommended use : Soak a cotton pad with "Tonic Lotion" and wipe it all over your face.