Karin Herzog Finest Chocolate Cleansing Gel 50 ml

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Finest Chocolate Cleansing

You may even find yourself getting up in the night to cleanse your face again with this delicious chocolate cleansing cream. Not impossible with the new cleansing gel with a hint of chocolate that will make your cleansing routine a moment of pure delight. This amazing gel acts like a vacuum cleaner on your skin, removing all traces of make-up, even heavy or waterproof.

The skin is cleansed of all its impurities and the accumulated pollution. The softness and smoothness derived from the chocolate makes it an ultra-gentle cleanser, even for the eyes, and a real source of energy and positivism if you breathe in its fragrance, of edible quality and identical to nature.
Melt away makeup and the troubles of the day with this delicious chocolate version of our best selling professional cleanser.

Recommended use :

Take a small dab of cream and warm it between your fingertips for a few seconds before applying to the whole of the face and neck, as well as the skin around the eyes if you are wearing make-up.

Leave for a few seconds to take effect, then massage gently with circular movements. Remove with cotton wool and warm water so that no trace of grease is left by the cream, for superb, deep cleansing.