Karin Herzog Mild Scrub 50 ml

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Mild Scrub

This scrub, composed of finely ground, polished white marble, eliminates dead cells without irritating even the most sensitive skin.
This exfoliating scrub removes the dead cells on the surface of the skin.

Formulated with white marble powder, it smoothes rough areas
and improves the skin resulting in a radiant, glowing appearance. Its particularly gentle scrub formula is designed not to cause irritation
so that it is suitable for any skin type.

Recommended use : Use several times a week after cleansing the skin, applying a fine layer to the
face and neck. Massage gently for a few seconds. If the cream becomes slightly dry as you are rubbing it, you may add a little water in place
of more cream and continue the massage for a short while.

This will work very well as "Mild Scrub" contains enough scrub formula for one application to the skin prior to the massage to be sufficient for each treatment.