Karin Herzog Oxygen 1% OxyBody Cream 150 ml

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• Oxygen Body 1%

This pleasant, fresh-scented cream provides ideal body hydration. In addition to the moisturizing effect procured by the oxygen, its antiseptic
properties guarantee perfect body hygiene. The Oxygen Body 1% with AHA formula is even more comfortable than the Oxygen
Body 3% without Fragrance formula, in addition to providing the skin with a discreet but irresistible fragrance of fruit extracts.

The fact that it is mildly antiseptic gives it an exceptional added quality not exhibited by traditional body care products.

The result is silky, more elastic and healthier skin! Do not forget that your hands are part of your body and allow them to benefit from this unique cream! It is also an excellent after-sun cream.

Recommended use : Once a day, apply a thin film to the body without massaging into the skin. Allow to penetrate