Karin Herzog Oxygen Body Cream 3% 150 ml

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Oxygen Body 3%

Bust, forearms and stomach will all be firmer with this wonderful cream with 3% oxygen that tones to perfection. This very rapid, effective
formula firms, hydrates, softens and oxygenates the skin, as well as combating the feeling of heavy legs. The healthy formula
presents no side-effects and its considerable benefits are not reduced with habitual use.

Discreet and fragrance-free, this miraculous product
will feel increasingly comfortable as your skin becomes balanced (slight tendency to experience tingling sensation initially, which is
normal). We thoroughly recommend that you use this wonderful product or go on to the Oxygen Body 1% with AHA formula above for immediate

Recommended use : Once a day, apply a thin film to the body without massaging into the skin. Allow to penetrate fully or,
if you prefer, shower after 5 minutes
Prfect for Prgenant women