Karin Herzog Oxygen Face 2% Cream (Sebo-Regulator) 50 ml

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• Oxygen Face

The ideal day and night cream for young skin or for oily skin types. Its 2% pure oxygen quickly regulates the skin and combats skin
problems. This natural emulsion helps normalise the secretion of the sebum and maintains a balance of the hydro-lipid film. It tones,
cleanses and gives fresh, radiant skin in an instant.

This cream is also very well suited to younger users: its non-oily texture is an ideal
method for eliminating their skin concerns. Its exceptional power resides in the fact that it aims to re-regularise skin, which deviates from
the norm during adolescence. In addition, Oxygen Face Cream is mildly antiseptic.

Recommended use : Morning and night, apply to the face and neck without massaging into the skin.