Karin Herzog Tonus B12 Body Draining 150 ml

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Tonus B12

Combined with green tea, this toning cream also has a draining effect, forming the ideal complement to the “Silhouette” treatment for
Jodhpur thighs and other undesirable fatty accumulations. The new Tonus-B12 body cream from Karin Herzog brings a skin that is toned,
relaxed, velvety, soft and pleasantly perfumed. Vitamin B12, also called Cobalamine, is recognised to be an important element for good

As the famous vitamin B12 is hydro soluble, it is an integral part of the formula of Tonus-B12 cream, transmitting its main antistress
and anti-tiring qualities to the skin to give it renewed tone. Green Tea which is also used for its draining and lipolytic qualities with
a slightly spicy fragrance, contains also the vitamins A, B1, B2; B12, E and K, as well as zinc, known for its anti-allergenic properties. The
tannins in the Green Tea are anti free radical and apparently even more effective than vitamin E!

Recommended use : Unlike the Karin Herzog oxygen-enriched creams, “Tonus-B12” is a cream that should be massaged in for a natural draining effect that optimise the
results to complement the “Silhouette” cream and its 4% oxygen. Specifically for massage, the base of this cream is specially designed
to melt gradually into the skin. Just long enough to allow you to become aware of your body, to benefit from a moment of pure relaxation
and sensuality…

1st Suggestion: Morning and/or evening, after your shower, apply “Tonus-B12” cream all over the body, massaging
until it is completely absorbed…

2nd suggestion: Morning and/or evening, apply first of all, without massaging, “Silhouette” oxygenating
cream on the parts of the body that need it, then apply “Tonus-B12” cream, massaging until it is completely absorbed.