Karin Herzog Vita A Apricot Cream Anti-Aging 2% Oxy 50 ml

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Cutting edge anti-wrinkle creams, Vita-A-Apricot provides dry skin with unparalleled comfort and softness thanks to apricot oil which is
rich in PP. Evolution of the cosmetic researches Vita-A-Apricot combines oxygen and neutral vitamin A to the marvellous apricot oil.

The reputation of the “Vita-A-Kombi” creams is well known: world wide patented, it brings, thanks to its combination of oxygen and neutral
vitamin A, the raw materials to the epidermis for a impression of more even toned complexion, of more closed pores and of a generally
more attractive appearance.

Apricot oil is a beauty oil for the skin, softening and nourishing the more tired and devitalised skins.
Beautifully smoothening, the apricot oil also contains neutral vitamin A, B, E, C and PP vitamins, sugar and lipids. The “Vita-A-Apricot” fragrance
is really delicious and its light texture blends like a second skin. You will be addicted to this incredible cream!

Recommended use : Morning and night, apply to the face and neck without massaging into the skin.