Karin Herzog Vita A Kombi 1% Oxygen 50 ml (Day & Night)

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Vita-A-Kombi 1

This wonderful cream, with an international patent, combines the softness of vitamin A with the effectiveness of oxygen to
boost collagen production. At last visible results! The Karin Herzog range is proof of the evolution in cosmetology. Using an avant-garde
recipe, Vita-A-Kombi cream is a formula for success.

With daily use, the initial results of this cream will be an even toned complexion, closed pores and a generally more attractive appearance. Fine lines will fade and wrinkles will be smoothed, the contours of the face being redefined and the complexion appearing clear and glowing. Owing to the normalising power of Vita-A-Kombi cream, it is suitable for any skin type - even dry or oily skin is balanced.

A true cosmetic revolution, Vita-A-Kombi is creating quite a stir as slowly but surely,
the cream succeeds in giving the face a cosmetic lift, in the most natural way possible, without harshness and fully respecting the skin
and the delicateness of its structure. The particularly pleasant texture of this cream allows the skin to breath so that it is possible to use
“Vita-A-Kombi” as a make-up base to equally remarkable effect.

Recommended use : Morning and/or night, apply to the face and neck
without massaging into the skin.

For a dry skin: during the 2 first months of treatment, apply a comfort cream on the top, such "Vitamin H", or "Additional Sweet Cream".